The work was carried out by Zet (, where I was employed from 2022-2023. On this page, I describe the project itself and my role during the project. ​​​​​​​
We're almost a year into the participation trajectory of the Helmond Stationskwartier. It's progressing successfully and with great enthusiasm. A new milestone has been reached: the first gathering of the Stationskwartier Denktank.
Background and Context
The municipality of Helmond is working to develop an appealing central area between Oranjekade and Suytkade for its rapidly growing city. A delightful blend of residential, commercial, work, and leisure spaces transforms this location into the ultimate central and vibrant meeting point for Helmond and the region. The Stationskwartier plays a pivotal role in this endeavour.
In collaboration with partners, we organised the 1st and 2nd Stationskwartier Festivals on behalf of the Helmond municipality. A noteworthy outcome of these participation evenings was that 25 individuals spontaneously expressed interest in joining the Stationskwartier Denktank. This diverse group comprises residents, entrepreneurs, and community partners, all eager to actively contribute to the Stationskwartier's development.
The 1st Stationskwartier Festival
120 partners from Helmond convened to discuss and dream about the future of the Stationskwartier. "Start with a forest ranger." We embarked on this journey through participation, co-creation, and networking.
For further details look into the Visual Report: 1st Stationskwartier Festival
The 2nd Stationskwartier Festival, 
Over 240 individuals delved into the central question: "How can we collaboratively create a bustling Stationskwartier?" This evening provided ample opportunities to meet, network, and brainstorm, ultimately with the goal of active involvement. 
For further details, look into the Visual Report of the 2st Stationskwartier Festival by clicking on the photo.
The first Denktank Meeting 
The first gathering occurred at the Organ Museum, in the heart of the Stationskwartier. Alderman Erik de Vries extended a warm welcome to all attendees. Subsequently, the Denktank participants received an update on the progress of projects within the Stationskwartier and an overview of the area visioning process. Participants introduced themselves and exchanged ideas: why do I want to contribute to the Stationskwartier, and how can we collaborate most effectively? Practical worksheets were employed to visually represent the wishes and potential of Denktank and its members.
"I see a strong desire to think and contribute to the new Stationskwartier.
It could use more life, and I'd love to be part of that." 
"What a wonderful evening, and it's great that you're involving the people from the city so effectively." 
"I appreciate your efforts to involve the people from the city. 
My involvement in this project involved both designing and assisting the organisation, mainly after the first Stationskwartier Festival. While a colleague from Zet coordinated the organisation, my focus was primarily on designing interventions, creating promotional materials for both online and offline platforms, creating visual reports, and contributing to analysing outcomes. Additionally, I consistently attended the gatherings to guide and assist the participants, ensuring the smooth coordination of the festival/meeting.
This project is a collaborative effort involving the municipality of Helmond, Glowingplaces, the Provincie of Noord Brabant, and Tom van Tuijn Stedenbouw.

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