The work was carried out by Zet (, where I was employed from 2022-2023. On this page, I describe the project itself and my role during the project. ​​​​​​​
On behalf of Trendsportal, Zet is conducting a study on mobility poverty in the municipalities of Venlo, Venray, and Bergen in North Limburg. These municipalities aim to ascertain whether their residents have sufficient transportation options or encounter challenges in using them.
To gain insight into the thoughts and concerns of residents, we are conducting neighbourhood discussions in collaboration with local welfare professionals. We are collecting narratives, needs, and experiences related to transportation habits. The outcomes of these discussions will enable municipalities to implement appropriate measures to enhance the transportation situation and its usage.
Within this project, I designed the intervention, including creating the whiteboard interaction and its corresponding icons. Furthermore, I undertook the responsibility of crafting the publication. The project was executed under the guidance of my Zet colleagues, who brought forth invaluable expertise in the realm of mobility concerns.
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