The work was carried out by Zet (, where I was employed from 2022-2023. On this page, I describe the project itself and my role during the project. ​​​​​​​
The K2Challenge aims to grant every child a wonderful childhood and provide all youth in Brabant with a pleasant, secure, and active environment to grow up in. Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed for all children, adolescents, and young adults. Some children might not be able to play outdoors due to safety concerns, a lack of activities in their neighbourhoods or villages leading to boredom among young people, some might experience loneliness or depression, and there may be insufficient opportunities to develop their talents and more. The K2Challenge seeks to make a difference for these children and youth in Brabant through impactful initiatives. We can only achieve this by working with you and all of you. Bring forth your great ideas and original projects to empower the younger generation!
My role in the K2 Challenge was to design offline and online media materials, including banners, social media posts, cheques, and posters. 
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